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From Paris :

Take the A4/E50 for 53.2km in the direction of Nogent-sur-Marne/Champigny-sur-Marne/Marne-la-


Pass Meaux, then take the exit for La Ferté-sous-Jouarre.

Continue on the D402 for 8.6km, go through   Reuil-en-Brie, Méry-sur-Marne and Nanteuil-

sur-Marne. Arrive in Crouttes-sur-Marne

From Reims:

Take the 'A4/E50 for 51.4km in the direction of Paris/Calais

Exit at Château-Thierry/Soissons.

In Chateau-Thierry turn right on the N3 for 11.7 km direction Charly-sur-Marne , then turn left

on the D84 for 3.1, turn left at the D16 (870m), turn right at the D84 for 2.8 km and enter in Crouttes-




This website was conceived and created by Apache & Balthazar

With the precious help of:

Fred Z for the intro music.

Gronimo for the special effects.

Pictures by David Rase and Jeff Lanet

Background music of the videos comes with the kind authorisation of Jean-Philippe Goude

« La Lurette » from the album « Ainsi de Nous »

« Et puis tout oublier », « Je suis chose légère » et « Allégria » from the album « La Divine nature des

choses »

« A Penguin's tribute » of the album « Rock de chambre ».

Videos : Apache & Balthazar

Text: Balthazar Forcalquier